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Qride -Learner to RE Course

This is the Qride Course you will need to complete to upgrade from your L-RE (Learner permit) to your Provisional-RE or Open RE. After completing this course successfully you will be able to ride a learner approved motorcycle on your own without someone accompanying you.



Queensland Law states you must be eligible to do the course. Check your eligibility now .

You must present the eligibility Certificate to your Qride Trainer prior to the course commencing.

Qride Eligibility Check.
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The Learn2ride restricted (RE) licence course is a training and assessment program designed to help learner riders further develop their riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills. The curriculum is set by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The objectives of the course are to ensure learner riders have the knowledge and skills to ride unaccompanied, managing the routine and more complex riding situations they will encounter while riding, to reinforce appropriate riding attitudes and a safety mindset, and to minimise the likelihood of harm due to inadequate riding knowledge, skills, or risk management.

The course forms part of an integrated training and assessment program, encompassing a pre-learner course, theory assessment and further training at the unrestricted (R) licence stage.

The course is designed for riders who have completed the pre-learner course and have on-road riding experience and feel comfortable riding since obtaining the learner licence.. This is not a beginner course.

If you hold your learner permit but have not had any riding experience you should book in for either Private training with us or enroll in the Learn2ride  Pre learner course to give you the necessary skills to be able to participate in the Learner to Re Qride course.

The course is delivered module by module and learners need to be competent at each module before being able to move on to the next module. The course content and the  Learn2ride delivery method focuses on proven adult learning principals.


The course is designed for riders who have completed the pre-learner course and have some on-road riding experience. It is  not a beginner course.

You can enrol in the Q-Ride restricted (RE) course after you have held your RE learner licence for at least 3 months (at least 1 year if you got an exemption from the pre-learner course).



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