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Licences for Trikes and 3 Wheeelers

This is where you will find information about QRide courses for trikes and 3 wheeled vehicles.

Here is some information about getting your Qride licence to ride the 3 wheeled trikes.

There are a number of 3 wheeled trikes and motorcycles on the market. The Piaggio MP3, Yamaha Niken, Can-Am Ryker, Can-Am Spyder and Harley-Davidson Freewheeler are to name a few.

I have had the opportunity to ride a few of these machines and I have to say they are a lot of fun.

If you want to ride a trike or 3 wheeled motorcycle you will first need to hold a motorcycle licence. This is where it is a little confusing. Operation of the machine or the skills required to make the thing go and turn and stop is quite different to a motorcycle, in fact steering on many of the trikes is the exact opposite.

**So why do you need to hold a motorcycle licence to ride one then? **

There are a number of reasons why you need to hold a motorcycle licence to ride a trike

One of these reasons due to the lack of crash protecion compared to a car, categorizing them into the vulnerable road user group. More inportantly the road craft skills and attitudal traites required to be able to ride a trike safely on the road is almost identical to motorcycling.

As far as I am aware noe of the jurisdictions in Australia have a licence specifically for a trike. In Queensland riders of trikes must hold a motorcycle licence.

Can I do myQRide Pre Learner course, Re Course or R unrestricted Course on a trike?

Unfortunately, no. The QridePre Learner course, Re Course or R unrestricted Course must be done on a 2 wheeled motorcycle.

The regulations state

"any motorbike used for a Pre-Learner and Restricted RE course is not a: a. moped, conditionally registered motorbike, a motorbike with a sidecar attached or a three (3) wheeled motorbike.

the only exception to this is

"A motorbike with a sidecar attached or a three (3) wheeled motorbike may be used if the learner rider holds a special need approval letter."

If you are a special need approval holder, you must presnt a copy of the following to your Qride provider before you can book in for your course.

(a) TMR special need approval letter, and (b) Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver form completed by the special need approval holder’s doctor stating the type of motorbike they can ride is a two (2) wheeled motorbike with a side car attached or a three (3) wheeled motorbike,

If you do not fall into a category where you are able to apply for a special needs approval letter you will need to successffully complete the Qride Pre Learner course on a 2 wheeled motorcycle. You will also need to pass and be deemed competant on the Qride RE course while riding a 2 wheeled motorcycle. Once you have your RE motorcycle licence you will be allowed to ride a trike providing it falls into the Learner Approved category.

If your goal is to ride a trike that is not learner approved you will need a R class motorcycle licence and you will need to demonstrate competancy on an unrestricted motorcycle during the R class Qride assessment.

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